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Sanskrit see also: Middle Eastern studies
Scandinavian Studies see also: Individual languages, eg Danish
Scientific/Technical Graphics see also: Graphic design
Scottish Studies see also: Celtic studies
Semitic Languages see also: Individual languages, eg Arabic
Serbian/Croatian see also: Slavonic studies
Silversmithing see also: Jewellery, Three-dimensional design
Slavonic Studies
Social Administration
Social Anthropology see also: Anthropology
Social Biology see: Biosocial science, Human sciences
Social History see also: Economic history, History
Social Policy see also: Social administration, Social work
Social Science see also: Individual subjects, eg economics, politics, sociology
Social Studies see also: Social science
Social Work
Software Engineering see also: Computing
Soil Science see also: Geology
South East Asian Studies see also: Asian studies, Oriental studies
Space see also: Astronomy
Spanish see also: Hispanic studies, Iberian studies, Latin American studies
Speech Sciences
Speech Therapy see also: Speech sciences
Sports Sciences
Sports Studies see also: Physical education
Stage Management
Statistics see also: Mathematics
Structural Engineering
Surf & Beach Management see: Leisure studies, Tourism
Surveying see also: Quantity surveying
Sustainable Development
Swahili see also: African studies
Swedish see also: Scandinavian studies
Systems Analysis see also: Computer science, Computing

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